Playground Safety

Quality and safety are our top priorities at Asheville Playgrounds. Owner Evelyn Anderson is a Certified Playground Safety Inspectors (CPSI). Along with co-owner and Jerry Hajek, they have been building the highest quality playgrounds since the very beginning and will continue using only the strongest and safest materials for every project. Below is a side by side comparison of the materials and standards used by Asheville Playgrounds vs. the competition.

Asheville Playgrounds Quality Comparison


Playground Safety Comparison Pic Competition
  1. Vinyl tarp roof! with a single 1×4 as roof support and only one connection point creates a weak frame prone to bending under the vertical forces of the roof. Just one 1×4 laid horizontally (significantly weaker than it would be vertically) holds all of the tension of the vinyl tarp.
  2. Swing beam consists only of one 4×4 and sits on a thin metal plate and a single 2×4, providing both insufficient strength and surface area. Swing beams are subject to the most forces on the playset, and should always be built with strength and safety high in mind!
  3. Roof is connected directly to 2×4 handrails with a few nails, providing very little head room and less strength while being more likely to rack out of square.
  4. Rock wall is made of 1×6 lumber and attached only with thin metal plates.


Playground Safety Comparison Pic Asheville Playgrounds
  1. Solid 4×4 posts attach directly to 2x6s supporting roof frame with 2 attachment points per corner. Roof is well constructed with 2x4s and metal sheathing for long-term structural integrity and weather resistance.
  2. 4×6 swing beam is lagged directly to a vertical 4×4 post set into the ground with a solid concrete footer, and is bolstered by an additional 4×6 underneath.
  3. Roof is attached directly to 4×4 posts with additional framing, making it taller with enough headroom for an adult, as well as sturdier, square, and it won’t rack.
  4. Rock wall is made of thicker 2×6 lumber and is attached directly to the deck with 3/8” lags.
  5. Asheville Playgrounds provides a fort with walls, cedar lap siding, window trim, and it is just plain cuter and more fun to play in!

Please see the links below for downloadable/printable playground safety information, including Asheville Playgrounds’ FREE Babysitter’s Emergency Guide.