Types of Asheville Playground Projects.
What's your dream? We can build it!

Overview of Our Types of Projects

Themed Playgrounds: We love to build projects based on a theme of your choice! One of our most common requests is to create a replica of a larger building. Say for example, you’d like a playhouse replica of your home or church. We do both! We have built log cabins, castles, forts, boats, airplanes, trains, barns and silos. If you can imagine it, we can build it.

Natural Playgrounds: At Asheville Playgrounds we believe that being closer to nature is an essential part of playing outside. We can bring the mountain aesthetic of Asheville to you by using naturally rot-resistant logs such as locust for posts, supports, handrails and more, as well as laurel and rhododendron for functional and beautiful pickets and roofs. We can go as natural as you want to go!

One of a Kind Playgrounds: We get very excited when asked to take on custom and unique projects. If there’s something out of this that world you have in mind, we would be delighted to hear about it. We won’t shy away from whatever your imagination can come up with.

The Places We Build

Residential Playgrounds: Here at Asheville Playgrounds, we will happily come out to your backyard and construct a deluxe playground for your children and their friends. Be advised that this is no small task and as we stay pretty busy, we usually shy away from smaller jobs. With that being said, don’t hesitate to call us with your ideas!

Developments and Apartments: We really enjoy working with developers, designers and landscape architects.The earlier in the development process we’re contacted, the better we can safely integrate the playground into the community. However, if the space is already defined we will fit as much play as possible per square foot. If you’re a developer, please get in touch with us to provide that extra perk for your development.

Church Playgrounds: Asheville Playgrounds is a great place to go for your play area needs. We can provide a cost-effective and fantastic playground while helping you meet the needs of your community. As you already know, the youth congregation is the future, and nurturing those happy souls make it brighter for all of us. We will work hard with your committee to fit the practical and financial needs of your project.

Park Playgrounds: If you’re a parks and recs director, or simply love your community park and want to have a beautiful playground for the kids to enjoy, reach out to us! We would love to come in and create a beautiful play space for all to have fun in.

Schools and Campgrounds: Last but certainly not least, we build playgrounds for schools and campgrounds. Asheville Playgrounds is a great company to reach out to for private and charter schools. Our designs mesh well with alternative teaching styles such as Montessori and Waldorf education. We believe that play is an essential part of the learning process, as kids need a place to let loose and burn energy over the school day. Recess is an incredibly important part of a child’s growing up experience in school. Let us set the stage for that experience. 

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