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About Our Work with Town and County Parks

Here at Asheville Playgrounds we often work with town and county parks and recreation departments to install new play spaces. We are proud of our civic works and love to install playgrounds for new parks. Our unique playgrounds have made a tremendous difference in civic spaces and brought hundreds of people to new parks. We understand that your town or county parks and recs division works with a specific budget and space requirement.

Because we build with wood, our material costs are lower. Thus our community playgrounds for parks are less expensive than conventional metal post and platform designs. And since each playground is custom designed for you, we can pack a lot of play into a small space. We will collaborate with your landscape architect to bring as much fun as we can to the area. Our natural and themed playgrounds fit well into a forested town or county park setting.

How to Get Started

Generally we get a call or email from a town or county parks and recs director or landscape architect. If the construction site is within an hour of Asheville, we’re happy to perform an on-site visit by co-owner and Certified Playground Safety Inspector Evelyn Anderson. She will travel to you site and get a feel for the space, meet with all the folks involved, and review the needs of the park. If you’re a bit further, we’re able and experienced at working with you on the phone, via plans, email and photographs.

From there we start designing a play area specifically for the space and needs of the community while fitting into those tight civic budgets. We do not shy away from custom and unique projects, and as you can see from our gallery we love bringing exciting changes to new areas. Our playgrounds are often the talk of the town, so if you want your town talking about all the great work you’re doing, get in touch!  

Community Playgrounds for Town & County Parks Gallery

Case Study: Town of Montreat

Montreat Community Playgrounds for Parks Image

Montreat, North Carolina is a unique forested college town near Asheville. This was the first opportunity for our company to work with local landscape architect Mary Weber. And over several years beginning in 2000 our founder worked with Mary to create a playground in beautiful Robert Lake Park. This playground is the talk of the area and people drive for miles just to visit. Befitting the natural setting of the town our play area includes tree houses, sandboxes, benches, rock walls, crawl tubes, play panels, swing sets, track rider and more. We built a sandbox and play structure for the adjacent Updike Child Care Center as well.

In the years since, we have built trail bridges, renovated the Updike sandbox, constructed a five-bay swing set for the private school, and roofed the entry to the memorial garden. The Bridge of Hope that we constructed for them has been so popular that several couples have been married on it. We’ve had an excellent relationship with Montreat and they were very pleased with our work. Check out the gallery below to see everything we did!

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